USU Student Activity Center

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The project is designed to accomodate students needs in the University. Here they can work, study and have a community activities.

Words by Jesselyn
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Project Type : Final Year Student Projects

Projects Name: USU Student Activity Center

Student Name: Jesselyn

University Name: University of Sumatera Utara

Social Media Accounts: @jejz_

Contact email: [email protected]

Location: Medan

Completion Year: 2021

Gross Project Area (m2/ ft2): 6.000 m2

Project Location: Jl Perpustakaan (USU Complex)

Program / Use / Building Function: Student Center

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to design a student activity center for University of Sumatera Utara because there isn’t one of it yet. The location chosen for this project is located on Alumni / Perpustakaan Street inside the university complex.

The main concept used in designing this project is contemporary architecture. The highlight of the contemporary concept can be seen on the material usage of glass curtain wall. The usage of glass is to save electricity because this building will be mainly used in day time. The type of the glass is a one way glass which is reflective on the outside and transparent from the inside so it can give privacy to the activities inside the building. The roof is inspired by the form of an open book.

A lot of revisions were done before making the final design. From site plan, the front area consist of car parking area, small garden and a signage that face the main traffic circulation so that the passerby can see easily find the student center. The drop-off area can be accessed from Perpustakaan Street, it is essential to make a drop-off area for safety reasons and to protect people from getting drenched trying to get into their transportation on the rainy days. The side area of the site is mainly occupied by the motorbike parking area and vegetation to reduce the noise and heat around the site. The building itself have 4 entrance: main entrance from the drop-off area, 2 side entrance and back entrance behind the building which leads to the canteen. It has two emergency stairs in both side of the building and it is placed in the middle so people can easily reach them in case of emergency or even for daily use. The middle part of the building where the stairs are covered by transparent tempered glass which is two-way glass.

Picture 01 Architectural Board 01


Picture 02 Architectural Board 02


Picture 03 Render Exterior Front 


Picture 04 Render Exterior 


Picture 05 Render Interior

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